Twin Creeks Bed and Breakfast       
Twin Creeks is a four season destination, with each season offering exciting adventures with nature and a sense of renewed vitality that is guaranteed  to refresh  your  spirit. 


The Caffrey Room
For single guests. Features a double bed with a view of the valley. $85 nightly.

This room is named for Mom and Dad Caffrey who lived in this area and worked hard to keep food on the table for their children. They stored carrots and cured hams for use later. Dad would fish and salt down his catch in a barrel for use in the cold winters. The Caffrey children had a three mile one way walk to school and often skated on the Pablo Reservoir in the winters. The family first built a barn, then dug a well. Next came a house to live in which was later turned into a chicken coup. The first barn burnt down and had to be rebuilt, and finally in 1921 the family's permanent home was built. 

   The Mary Ronan Room
Features a queen-sized bed with a valley view. $85 nightly.

This room is named after Mary Ronan, wife of Major Peter Ronan who was appointed Superintendant of the Flathead Reservation. Nearby Lake Mary Ronan is also named for her. The town of Ronan was named for Peter in 1909. His administration emphasized education and peaceful existance with other tribes. The town was christened "The Garden of theRockies" .

   The Michael Pablo Room
This room sleeps three and has a futon with a bunk on top. Phone in room. $85 nightly.

This room is named for Michael Pablo who was born in 1886 in Montana. He was a victim of an indian raid at an early age and again as he approached twenty. He started work on a cattle ranch near Arlee. He later ranched just two miles south of Pablo and married an Indian woman named Agette Finley. Michael's hard work earned him the the title of the cattle king of the lower Flathead. He never saw the township that was later to take his name. He died at home in 1914.

The Sloan Room
Located on the first floor, featuring a queen-sized bed. $65 nightly.

This room was named for Al and Celia Sloan. The Sloans built a ferry that was used to cross the Flathead River just above where the Polson Bridge is now. Al Sloan ran mail to his neighbors for free until the Postal Service gave him the job. They named the post office after Al. The Sloan's also owned an hotel and a livery barn.

The Barlett Room
Features a queen-sized bed, plus day bed and a wonderful view of the valley. Phone in room. $110 nightly.

This room is named for Henry and Mattie Bartlett. They arrived in Ravalli, Montana in the winter of 1886. Their second son is believed to be the first white baby born in Polson, Montana. Henry died at an early age, but Mattie lived to be 96 years old. They both worked for the Lambert family assisting at the trading post.

The Geisert Room
Features a queen-sized bed with a private bath. Flat panel TV and Dish network. $115 nightly.

This room is named for Levi and Mary Geisert, they moved to the valley in 1910. Levi won is 40 acres with a lottery ticket. Their home was on a hill and they planted 15 acres of McIntosh apple trees, to which they hand carried water to each tree.

   The McIntire Room
3-night minimum stay required. This room features a queen-sized bed with a private bath and a jacuzzi tub. Mission Mountani view, flat panel tv and dish network. $135 nightly.

This room is named for Jean and Mae McIntire. The McIntires owned a clothing store in Polson. Mae was a schoolteacher and started with 56 students in the first grade class which was later divided. Jean and others worked hard to get sidewalks on Main Street Polson in the 1920's and to get golfing in the area in the 1930's. Jean was also very active in the American Legion, the Elks Lodge and the masonic Lodge.

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